About SL

Why do SL? Check out our SL crash course below!

CIP vs. SL

Timeframe Short-term/One-off Long-term
Planning Involved? No Yes
People Involved Individual-based Group-based
Commitment Level Minimal High
Examples Visit to elderly care corner, volunteering for flag day, helping out at events by SL groups Planning and executing fundraising events (concerts, street sales), recruiting volunteers, applying for grants

I have more questions. Where do I direct my queries?

You may drop CIP Council an email at cipcouncil@gmail.com. We will try our best to reply you within the week. We also organise regular SL consultations. If you have an idea for an SL project but don’t know where to start, or if you’d like us to give you some personalised advice on your SL project proposal, you may also drop us an email with the relevant attachments.

Here is the contact us page.