SL in progress

Are there any past/existing SL projects by our seniors that we can take upon?

Unfortunately, there are none. You would have to be on an active lookout and seek on your own. Do note that even if projects are handed down from seniors, you would have to make amendments to your proposal accordingly to better suit your objectives.

Do you have any recommendations for beneficiaries that our SL project can work with?

Here are some VWOs (Voluntary Weflare Organisations) looking for long-term volunteers:

  • Man Fatt Lam Home for the Aged
  • Lifespring Community Spacing Network
  • Light and Love Welfare Services Centre
  • Muhammadiyah Welfare Home
  • Golden Years Fellowship
  • Promisedland Community Services
  • Singapore Buddhist Welfare Services
  • Sun-Dac Centre for the Disabled
  • The Ang Mio Kio Service Centres
  • Bishan Home for the Intellectually Disabled


While this list is definitely not exhaustive, you could start by identifying problems that your community faces. After gaining some inspiration, you can also look up the SGCares VWO Directory, which has consolidated the contacts of many possible beneficiaries around Singapore.

Do you have a list of resources that can provide us with funds to kickstart our SL project?

Here are some ideas:

  1. Citi-YMCA Youth for Causes Programme (Apply in April)
  2. Young Changemakers (Applications are open all year round)
  3. Youth Development Fund (Applications open all year round)
  4. Overseas Youth Programme Grant (Application two months before initiation of the project)
  5. Northwest CDC WeCare Fund (Applications open all year round)
  6. Mayor’s Imagine Fund (Applications submitted at least 6 months before the initation)
  7. NYAA-Nexus project Grant Scheme (2 Application Windows – 1 January to 30 April; 1 June to 31 August)
  8. Hwa Chong CIP Fund (Applications open all year round)


You may wish to research on these grant schemes to learn more about the varying amounts they will provide and their specific proposal requirements. To apply for the Hwa Chong CIP Fund, drop an email to our VIA Unit Tutor, Mr Noel Koh with your attached proposal, at


Is it compulsory to sell merchandise to raise funds for the beneficiaries?

No it is not compulsory, it depends on the nature of the project. However we do encourage SL projects that encompasses two or more aspects such as fundraising and events or activities.

What do I do if my proposal is rejected?

You may make necessary amendments and arrange for an SL consultation with CIP Council mentors. Then, to resubmit your proposal, press the “resubmit” button and do not reinitiate a new proposal!

I have more questions. Where do I direct my queries?

You may drop CIP Council an email at We will try our best to reply you within the week. We also organise regular SL consultations. If you have an idea for an SL project but don’t know where to start, or if you’d like us to give you some personalised advice on your SL project proposal, you may also drop us an email with the relevant attachments.

Here is the contact us page.