How does my SL qualify for HC diploma?

Not all SLs qualify for HC diploma.  The VIA unit of teachers will look at components such as the impact and quality of the SL before deciding if they can qualify for HC diploma.


If my SL is completely about peer tutoring or street sales, will my SL be approved?

It may be approved, but we strongly encourage SL projects that encompasses two or more aspects such as fundraising and events or activities.


Is there any difference between CIP hrs and SL project hours?

CIP hours are individual cip (faculty etc). SL project hours are hours gained by CT members from SL project.  To qualify for HC diploma, individual CIP hours must be at least 12 hours.  There is no minimum SL hours.


What do I do if my project takes too long to be approved on ISP?

Email CIP council for help, stating the title of your SL project and the date that you uploaded the proposal on ISP


If I conduct an SL activity before my proposal is approved, can the activity and the hours clocked by volunteers/OT be counted as SL project hours?

As of 1st September 2016, any SL activities conducted before your proposal is approved will not be counted.


How do I apply for the HCI seed fund?

To apply for the Hwa Chong CIP Fund, drop an email to our VIA Unit in charge, Mr Noel Koh at


Can a foreign organisation be the beneficiary for my SL project?

Yes it can be a foreign organisation.


What do I do if my CIP ACTIVITIES are not reflected in my cert?

Email CIP Council stating your CIP activity (start date and end date)


What if I start my individual CIP without initiating it on isp?

It is best to initiate the individual CIP and get it approved before starting.  However, past CIP activities done can be counted as well (especially if the CIP is long-term), as long as you get it approved on ISP eventually. You will also need to submit an endorsement letter.


What if my beneficiary does not provide an endorsement letter?

You will need to submit any other documents that prove your hours of service.


If my project is passed down from seniors, do I need to do the proposal?

Yes you will still need to submit a copy of your proposal on ISP


After my SL project has been approved, are the adding of volunteers etc approved by my mentor or CIP unit?

The adding of volunteers etc are approved by your teacher mentor


Do I need to submit a hard copy of my final report to mr Koh?

Your team will need to submit a hardcopy final report to Mr Koh of the VIA Unit as well as upload it on the ISP.


Is the final proposal approved by VIA unit or my teacher mentor?

The final report will not be approved by anyone.  Instead, the purpose of the final report is for the team to reflect on their SL journey and learn something from it.


Can I be in multiple OT?

Yes, you can be a core team member of more than one SL.  However, this is discouraged, as one SL already requires huge commitment.


Is there a minimum hrs my SL must be?



How do we start a CCA initiated project?

It is the same process as a normal SL, except that your CCA teacher is the one vetting your SL.


How long must our SL project last?

It really depends on the nature of your project and and its qualitative impact.  There is no fixed timeframe that your SL needs to follow.


I have more questions. Where do I direct my queries?

You may drop CIP Council an email at We will try our best to reply you within the week. We also organise regular SL consultations. If you have an idea for an SL project but don’t know where to start, or if you’d like us to give you some personalised advice on your SL project proposal, you may also drop us an email with the relevant attachments.

Here is the contact us page.