The CIP Council brings about monthly events and activities to widen your view of the community in Singapore.


Encountering difficulties doing an SL? Fret not! Simply drop us an email at cipcouncil@gmail.com, and we will always be ready to help!


Members of the CIP Council


Tan Yan Yuh

Ventures Director





Chan Jun Jie

Publicity Director




Ellie Lew

Vice President





Chin Jun Wuen

Publicity Director





Lui Kai Siang







Cornelius Chong

SL Director





Yeoh Zhu Ying





Amanda Fu

SL Director








Name Role Job Scope
Lui Kai Siang President The President oversees the working of CIP Council, ensuring that there is fair and effective delegation of work and that every Council member is disciplined, committed, and task-oriented. The President is also the representative of the Council, being the main liaison officer between VIA Unit and CIP Council.
Ellie Lew Yi Ting Vice-President Apart from assisting the President and co-representative of the Council, the Vice-President ensures the welfare of all Council members by initiating activities that seek to promote bonding and cohesion among members. The Vice-President also maintains the attendance and conduct of members.
Yeoh Zhu Ying Secretary-Treasurer The Secretary-Treasurer is in charge of all administrative matters in the Council, taking minutes for all meetings, compiling and archiving project documents, stock-taking of CIP Council's logistics and keeping track of CCA finances.
Chin Jun Wuen Publicity Directors The two Publicity Directors are in charge of enhancing the Council's image in school. This is done through maintenance and regular updates of the VIA website and the CIP Council Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram with upcoming events, SL projects and VIA opportunities. The Publicity Directors is also in charge of creating and designing all artistic publicity materials such as posters, logos and the CIP Council noticeboards for CIP Council..
Chan Jun Jie
Cornelius Chong Zhan Yao SL Directors The two SL Directors spearhead outreach and consultation efforts for all SL groups. They are in charge of allocating fellow CIP Council members to SL groups as mentors providing advice on all CIP/SL matters. Additionally, they will initiate SL training sessions which seek to advocate ideas for more innovative and impactful SL projects among the students.
Amanda Fu Simin
Tan Yan Yuh Ventures Director The Ventures Director will lead CIP Council in the planning and execution of the Batch Project. The Ventures Director also liaises with external organisations and takes charge of coordinating and publicising special projects such as YMHAP, YIAP and TST.